Ambiguous Numbers (noch nicht ├╝bersetzt)

Problem 198

A best approximation to a real number $x$ for the denominator bound $d$ is a rational number $\frac r s$ (in reduced form) with $s \le d$, so that any rational number $\frac p q$ which is closer to $x$ than $\frac r s$ has $q > d$.

Usually the best approximation to a real number is uniquely determined for all denominator bounds. However, there are some exceptions, e.g. $\frac 9 {40}$ has the two best approximations $\frac 1 4$ and $\frac 1 5$ for the denominator bound $6$. We shall call a real number $x$ ambiguous, if there is at least one denominator bound for which $x$ possesses two best approximations. Clearly, an ambiguous number is necessarily rational.

How many ambiguous numbers $x=\frac p q, 0 < x < \frac 1 {100}$, are there whose denominator $q$ does not exceed $10^8$?